As any frequent listener of Movie Geeks United can attest, I am a huge fan of movie scores.  This year was dominated by a series of terrific electronic scores, led by the stellar work of Cliff Martinez.  The orchestral works that I normally gravitate towards were less distinctive this year, led by John Williams coming through with two new Steven Spielberg projects (The Adventures of Tintin, War Horse) that work, if only as a venue to reminisce on the older classic scores he did for the director. The same can be said for Michael Giacchino’s work on ‘Super8’, which seems to have actually been devised with that goal in mind.  Stand-outs from this field are included in my list below, one for a silent film in which the lush, nostalgic themes play a crucial role, and the other an uncharacteristically buoyant score from the usually dour Howard Shore.

Here are my top five favorites from 2011 (with one special mention).


Special mention: Hanna (The Chemical Brothers)



5.  Hugo (Howard Shore)



4.  The Artist (Ludovic Bource)



3.  The Skin I Live In (Alberto Iglesias)



2.  Drive (Cliff Martinez)



1.  Contagion (Cliff Martinez)